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Venom Spider-Man

Spider-Man & Superman

Venom Spider-Man made an appearance

Spider-Man exciting a couple of young men

Spider-Man and Superman meeting a heroic kid

A hero meet-up with our buddy Sebastian

Meeting little Hannah

Yasiin showed us who the strong one actually was

Party stopper? 

Birthday boy on the Spidey bike!

Real Simple Magazine Article

Real Simple Magazine

Photo Shoot

School Visit


Special Visit

Getting Stopped By CHP

Riding To A Visit

Saying Hi

Giving A Gift

New Suit

Hi Venom, Lets Talk

Physical Fitness Is Important For All

You Too Are A Superhero

Supporting Other Charities

Spider-Woman Supporting The Michael Hoefflin Foundation

Even Superheroes Do Not Get Along Sometimes

Just Another Day In The Office

Young Warrior In Training


Did You Know?

Easter Visit

Superman Fan

Sweetest Soul

You Can Fly

I AM (insert word)
SO I CAN (insert word)

Hospital Visit

Hospital Visit

Private Visit


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We are your friendly neighborhood superheroes! Times have been hard lately and sometimes kids need to believe in themselves, be encouraged and inspired. We are at your disposal when kids need some "super" in their life.

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